Is Sliding Table Saw Worth It?

Is Sliding Table Saw Worth It?

I’m going to talk about one of the woodworking machine – sliding table saw. 



sliding table saw
Sliding table saw Sega 300

I went with this Sicar sliding table saw because I had ran them in the past and I know how well they do custom panel cuts and precision time after time, even after adjustments on the saw–moving the fences and what not.


sliding Table saw panel

They’re also a user-friendly type of a saw, where you can feed them in and  pump through a good amount of sheets in a day without wearing your body out.

I might have 20 or 30 sheets to cut that we sell from 4′ x 4′ to 2′ x 2′. We also get a lot of orders, 3 to maybe a dozen per day  that are 1 sheet to 5 sheets that are for customers. We cater to quite a few of the local developers, but anybody that comes in  wants to order goods, we will try to deliver it the same-day if they order it before 10 o’clock


panel saw

Here at this shop, we’re trying to accommodate the special items they want–cut orders,  speciality things they might want on the exterior or interior of their homes–primarily  sheet goods and cedar products.

Placement on the slider saw is crucial, in my opinion, when you set up a shop you need to find the footprint of the saw and  the travel area it takes and what it needs to operate and function.

You set it up first in your shop, and then set up your feeder tables, your assembly tables and your other equipment throughout, so everything works, hopefully, in a horseshoe loop to get product in,  finished and then product back out without moving a lot of appliances to get it all to happen.

The whole motor setup, the pulley setup, everything in these types of saws,  is what a panel saw operator has to have. If you’re setting up a shop,  it’s advantageous to spend the money and get a good quality saw. I’m more than happy with this saw and the way it  cuts my product and sets things up for me–very user-friendly.

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