Universal Combinated Woodworking Machine

SICAR C400 industrially rated woodworking combination machine features a sliding table saw/panel saw/circular saw), wood jointer planer, thicknesser(Pialla spessore), mortiser(Cavatrice) and spindle moulder unit,all in one woodworking machine,is a multi purpose/mulfuntional  woodworking machine.



product details

Name: Universal Combinated Woodworking Machine
Model: C400
Funtion: Planer-Thicknesser-Mortiser-Sliding table saw-Spindle moulder
Motor power: 4.0HP/3.0KW or optional 5.5HP/4.0KW
Voltage: 380V or optional 220V or customized
Weight: 645KGS
Packaging size: 1906*1330*1065mm


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SICAR C400 5 in 1 combination woodworking machine

About Combination Woodworking Machine C400

SICAR C400 Universal Combinated woodworking Machine has been specifically designed be an industrial standard machine, but at a size intended for the factory and small professional workshop. This industrially rated combination machine features a circular saw and sliding table, planer(Jointer), thicknesser(Pialla spessore),mortiser(Cavatrice)and spindle moulder(Toupie) unit. 

The cast iron construction, accurate cross cut fence and superb build quality put this combination machine in a class of its own.

Being a professional standard machine, the C400 of course is fully adjustable and the accuracy is second to none. As far as accuracy goes it will not even be bettered by full sized industrial machines. With three independent class 1 motors providing ample power, changing function can be done with the flick of a switch rather than the going through the laborious task of changing belts

Combination Machine Wood C400 Funtions

The saw utilises a sliding beam which runs along side the blade like a panel saw. By running the beam this close to the blade, 100% accuracy is assured.

The planar thicknessing function, again is of the highest quality, extremely powerful, accurate and the end result is simply sublime. The inward swing of the thicknessing unit keeps this machine compact in every function,whilst the cast iron construction means even heavy pieces can be handled confidently.

Several further options are also available, each machine can therefore be tailored to the users specific needs. These options include heavy duty mortising unit, spindle moulder ring fence, power feeder and tenoning hood.

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Combination Machine C400 Features

Panel saw sliding beamScoring for veneered boardsAccurate cross cut fence with flipstops
3 x 2.2kw class 1 motorsMicro adjust spindle moulder fenceFully adjustable settings
Cast iron constructionSturdy swinging arm squaring frameInward parallel swing planer table
Working tablesmm400x1800
Cutterblock diametermm70
Cutterblock rotation speedr.p.m5700
N. of knives3
knives dimensionsmm400x20x3(400x25x3)
Max table adjustementmm4
SICAR C400 Mortiser
Working tablemm400x760
Feed speedm/1'7
Max. working heightmm220
Min. working heightmm4
Cutterblock rotation speedr.p.m.5700
Max. cutting depthmm4
SICAR C400 Planer Thicknesser
Working tablemm250x500
Longitudinal strokemm205
Trasversal strokemm95
Vertical strokemm90
Churck rotation speedr.p.m.5700
SICAR C400 Mortiser
Circular sawUnitC400
Working tablemm326x1112
Shaft rotation speedr.p.m.4500
Blade diametermm300
Blade bora diametermm30
Cutting height 90°mm100
Max. distance between blade and fencemm730
Blade inclination45°
Max cutting height 45°mm50
Shaft rotation speed engraverr.p.m.7000
Engraver blade diametermm90
Engraver blade bora diametermm22
SICAR C400 Universal combination Machine
Sliding Table Saw
Tenoning carriageUnitC400
Carriage dimensionsmm1800x315
Carriage strokemm1800/2200
SICAR C400 Spindle Moudle
Sliding Table Saw
Working tablesmm326x1112
Shaft rotation speedsr.p.m.2000/3100/4400/7000
Standard shaft diametermm30
Spindle lenghtmm105
Shaft vertical strokemm115
Max. tool diametermm180
Max. tenoning depthmm65
Optiona accessoriesUnitC400
Single-phase motorHP - KW4,0 - 3,0
Increasing 3-phase motorHP - KW5,5 - 4,0
Set of wheels with feeding steering bar*
Carriage strokemm2200/2200
Carriage strokemm2600/2600
Tenoning with protection shelf
Standard accessoriesUnitC400
N°2 clamp lever*
Sharper fence*
Service wrenches*
Mortiser chuck*
Table extensions with swinging armsmm860x600
Guards on mortiseur chuck*
3 pcs. planing knives*
Planer guide
Saw guide
Bridge sefety hood on planer*
3-phase motor powerHP - KW4,0 - 3,0
SICAR C400 Universal combination Machine

Combined Woodworking Machine C400 Details

SICAR C400 Universal combination Machine
All in one woodworking machine
SICAR C400 Universal combination Machine
Wood planer thicknesser
SICAR C400 Universal combination Machine
circular saw/sliding table saws
SICAR C400 Universal combination Machine
SICAR C400 Universal combination Machine
Circular saw/Sliding table saw
Universal combination Machine
Panel saw/Sliding table saw
Universal combination Machine
Panel saw/Sliding table saw