Edge Banding Machine Machine ECO F4

SICAR Edge Bander ECO F4

product details

Name: Edge Banding Machine
Model: ECO F4
Funtion: Gluing+End Cutting+Fine Trimming+Buffing
Motor power: 6.5KW
Voltage: 380V or optional 220V or customized
Weight: 700KGS
Packaging size: 2600*650*1280mm


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Sicar Edge Banding 4 funtions

About Edge Banding Machine ECO F Series

SICAR Edge banding machiner ECO F series different from other compact edge banding machines, all functional modules of Eco F series are transplanted and appropriate y modified from he industrial-grade edge banding machines, while having the same high accuracy and stability as industrial edge banding machines, the maximum strength and processing efficiency of the equipment are retained.

Eco F series saves space and has good edge banding effect. It is very suitable for small furniture factories, decoration feams and wood workshops,also a good helper for small batch producion in large funiture factories.

Funtions of Edge Banding machine ECO F4

SICAR Edge banding machine
SICAR Edge banding machine
SICAR Edge banding machine
SICAR Edge banding machine gluing-end cutting-fine trimming-buffing