Heavy Duty Wood Planer Thicknesser 630

It’s a heavy duty wood planer thicknesser(Pialla spessore)

product details

Name: Planer Thicknesser
Model: MOTO 630
Funtion: Thicknessing
Motor power: 7.5HP/5.5KW or 10.0HP/7.5KW
Voltage: 380V or customized
Weight: 875KGS
Packaging size: 1160*1220*1310mm


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wood planer thicknesser machine

About Planer Thicknesser MOTO 630

Variable speed infeed by inverter suit for all types of finish required.
Planer thicknesser
Cast iron table mounted on 4 heavy pillars for excllent support and accurent without any locking.
Wood Planer thicknesser
Spring-loaded pressure bars and double out feed rollers design prevent vibration of very thin work pieces during thicknessing.
Wood planer thicknesser4
Professional electrical box. Frequency conversion control feeding speed.
bench top planer thicknesser
Independent module, bringing better strength and higher stability.
Planer thicknesser6
Plc control + magnetic grid induction help to reduce positioning time and high precision.

Planer Thicknesser 630mm Features

  1. This series of planer thicknesser machine tools are fast, precise, low noise, saving time and effort, simple operation and long life.
  2. The casting structure is firm and stable, and the operation is stable.
  3. The appearance is beautiful and generous.
  4. The feeding tooth roller adopts a split structure, and the thickness of the plate can be adjusted to the best scale.

Planer Thicknesser 630 Specifications

Pialla a SpessoreThicknessing MachineMOTO 530MOTO 630
Larghezza max. lavoroMax. working widthmm530630
Diametro del alberoCutterblock diametermm120120
Spessore max. passataMax. cutting depthmm88
Velocità avanzamentoFeed speedMT/1'5月20日5月20日
Passaggio legnoMax. working heightmm300300
ColtelliNumber of knivesp- mm4p-30*530*34-30*630*3
Velocità rotazione alberoCutterblock rotation speedg/1'48004800
Potenza motore3-phase motor powerHP (KW)7,5 (5,5KW)7,5 (5,5KW)
Potenza motoriduttore di sollevamentoPower of the motorgear for rise/fallHP (KW)0,5 (0,33KW)0,5 (0,33KW)
Potenza motoreFeeder motor powerHP (KW)1,0 (0,75KW)1,0 (0,75KW)
Dimensioni del piano di lavoroWork table dimensionsmm1050 x 5321050 x 632
Min. lunghezza di lavoroMin. working lenghtmm280280
Peso nettoNet weightkg810875
Livello di potenza sonora nel posto operatoreSound power level at operator's sitedb82,282,2
Size details of wood planer thicknesser

Planer Thicknesser Safe Operation

  1.  Wood planer thicknesser operators must be proficient in a variety of mechanical structure, performance and operation, maintenance methods, so that the use of personal, responsible for the person.
  2. The operation of thicknesser, should wear a uniform, tight cuffs, lesbians must wear a work cap, braids into the hat; not allowed to wear gloves, scarves and other operations.
  3. The mechanical work must be started before the test, the parts are running normally before they can start work.
  4. The shafts, chains, pulleys, belts and other operating parts of the woodworking machine shall be provided with protective covers and protective plates.
  5. Mechanical operation if there is abnormal or other failure, should immediately cut off the power, parking maintenance.
  6. When replacing the planer and saw blade, the total power supply must be switched off.
Here are also have 530mm planer  thicknesser, or you can just contact our Sicar team to help.

Wood Planer Thicknesser 630 Details

Wood Planer Thicknessernesser
Thicknesser Planer
planar thicknesser
wood thicknesser planer
planar thicknesser
planar thicknesser
Thicknesser Planer
planar thicknesser