SICAR C400 Woodworking Combination Machine

About SICAR Woodworking Combination Machine

The SICAR C400 5 function woodworking combination machine, planing, thicknessing, trimming format, miter cutting molding, mortising are all done with unbelievable Precision, along with the fastest change over times.

1.Surface Planer jointer

C400 jointer surface 
planer features solid cast iron tables, designed for durability and consistent precision results.

Length of surface planer

The total length of the planar table is 1 500 millimeters. And withtool-free mountable SICAR table extensions,it can be extended further to up to 3 000 millimeters.

Surface Planer of C400 combination Machine

The anodized planer fence covers the entire 310 millimeter planing width. And can be continuously adjusted between 90 and 45 degrees for joining and beveling. 


In this spanding version, the C400 is equipped with a two knife SICAR cutter block. This self-setting cutter block system with reversible blades, allows for quick cutter block change within minutes without the need for expensive adjustment tools. 

Surface Planer
Surface Planer

Silent Power Spiral Cutter

Upon request the C400 can be equipped with a four knife SICAR cutter block, or with the Innovative silent powered spiral blade cutter block. 

The silent power spiral cutter block reduces noise emissions by more than half when planning. And with a continuous pulling cut ensures tear-free results when planning all types of wood.

Jointer Surface Planer

Thanks to the quality of the tungsten carbide blades silent power cutter blocks reach a blade life up to 20 times higher than that of HSS blades.

Moreover, each individual carbide blade has four cutting edges that can be quickly switched  by simply turning one at a time.As a result the silent power spiral blade cutter block is easy on your wallet.


C400 can be converted from a surface planer to a thicknesser in a matter of
seconds in just a few simple steps. The planar tables are hinged towards the 
center of the machine, thus ensuring an  
ergonomically efficient workflow during thicknessing operations.

planer Thicknesser

Length of Thicknesser

The solid cast iron thicknessing table with a planing width of 306 millimeters,  guarantees maximum loads and perfect machining of large and heavy  workpieces.

planer Thicknesser
planer Thicknesser
The table length of the thicknessing table is 540 millimeters and can be extended to 1540 millimeters. On the receiving side, using the SICAR table extension which  can be mounted without tools. 


That continuously adjustable thicknessing height is set by hand wheel between 4 and 220 millimeters. For even more comfort and accuracy, the hand wheel can be upgraded with an integrated digital clock. 

Fine adjustments in the accuracy range of a tenth of a millimeter and unquickly easily and with high pecision. 


3.Sliding Table Saw

Core of the saw spindle moulder of the C400 is the SICAR format sliding table with  x-roll precision guiding technology, which comes with a 10-year SICAR warranty. The high quality guiding technology x-roll offers unparalleled operating smoothness and is completely maintenance for 3 years.

panel saw for sale

X design of the position of the roller bearings ensures that they move smoothly
along hardened guides. The 
standard cutting length of the anodized sliding table is 1000 milemeters. On request 1 300 
1550 millimeters, and with the optional professional package even 2050 
millimeters o
r if you wish to 2500 millimeters.

In addition, the professional package includes an outrigger 
table to process oversized and heavy work pieces. An outrigger table can of course be
added to the standard equipment.

sliding table Saw

On the other hand,  the SICAR table extension system provides an additional support surface on the sliding table.       

The circular saw unit receives main saw blades with diameters between 250 and 315 millimeters. On request a scoring unit ensures professional processing of  laminated panel materials. 

Maximum cutting height is 103 millimeters.

The cutting height adjustment and angle setting between 19 and 45 degrees is conveniently done by hand wheel.

circular Saw

 An additional option allows the C400 to be prepared for the use of special dado tools instead of the saw blade. The dado tool is fitted on  the saw arbor,allowing continuously adjustable grooving mortising and slotting between 8 and  19.5 millimeters in width.

4.Spindle Moulder

In just a few steps, the planing fence can be repositioned to a rip fence for the sliding table saw that continuously adjustable cutting width ranges from 0 to 800 millimeters.

For moulding work, the saw blade is lowered under the table and the moulder spindle is brought into working position with the 30 millimeter tool receiving  socket on request. 

SICAR C400 Spindle Moudle
SICAR C400 Spindle Moudle

For the spindle diameter or the SICAR MF 
spindle shaft quick change system can be ordered as standard equipment. The MF 
spindle shaft quick train
system allows 
the use of various spindle diameters and a shank milling cutter spindle.

large usable molding spindle height of 100 millimeters is standard molding 
tools up to 180 millimeters can be lowered under the spindle table. The maximum 
molding tool diameter is 220 millimeters when using the spindle fence. 


Four different cutting speeds between 3 000 and 10 000 RPM allow the correct speed to be set for each molding tool diameter. The SICAR spindle fence 220 can be positioned easily and quickly .

The removable spindle fence plate canbe adjusted precisely between -5 and plus 25 millimeters for special molding operations. On request the multi-fine adjustment system allows for fine and repetitive positioning.


The SICAR C400  can be equipped with a horizontal  mortiser for dowel work.Mortising of mortise locks and much more the drillingtool is picked up by a mortising chuck which is also mounted on the cutter block.

SICAR C400 Mortiser

As with all SICAR machines,the C400 can be equipped with a rolling carriage so that large projects can be realized even in very small workshops. 

Be it planing, soaring, Milling or drilling connections for dust and Chip extractionare available for all operations. You will find suitable extraction units.

C400 Combination Machine

The C400 combines five Stand alone machines in one compact powerful woodworking center. It offers premium professional performance and versatilityfor many years to come.

To find out more about how the SICAR C400 could revolutionize your Workshop visit our website here.And want to know more about SICAR 400C 3 funtions in 1 combination machine,wood planer thicknesser combination machine,feel free to contact us.