Sicar Sega300 12 Inch Sliding Table Saw

SICAR SEGA300 12 Inch Sliding Table Saw

As woodworkers, we’re always searching for ways to make our craft faster, easier, and safer.And today we will talk about sliding table saw sega300,which also called panel saw.


sicar sega300 sliding table saw

Introduction about Our SEGA300 Sliding Table Saw

And our SEGA300 sliding table saw perfectly blends traditional table saw ripping functionality with easy-to-use production saw cross-cutting capability, all rolled up in a compact, affordable package.

sliding table saw

The SEGA300 panel saws features a heavy-duty 4 horsepower motor that drives
the main 12-inch blade and 3 and 1/2 inch scoring blade.

The scoring blade, a  feature unique to sliding
table saws, creates a crisp leading cut in paneling surface
material, doing so by spinning at an impressive 7,000 rpms to prevent 

The 12 inch main blade offers  a 3 and 1/8 inch
depth of cut and both blades tilt 45 degrees for precise bevel cuts.

The dust shroud, with two and a half inch dust 
port, connects directly to the riving knife mount

It completely covers the blade channel for clean cutting 
area during operation.


Details for the Sliding Table

sliding table saw machine

The SEGA300 features a compact but heavy-duty aluminum 12-1/4  by 63 inch sliding table that travels effort lessly on ball bearing guides for silky smooth cutting action.

The two-inch tall cross cut fence extends up to 50 inches to evenly support your workpiece, and it allows for cross-cutting pieces up to 43 inches wide, and push cuts of up to 32 inches.

For miter cuts, simply rotate the fence assembly and lock  it in place from miters up to 48 inches wide when set at 45 degrees.

The SEGA300 panel saw for sales machine gives  you full sheet cutting capacity for cross cuts and miters, plus the added benefit of 33 inches of traditional ripping capacity, thanks to the standard rip fence.

So, simply extend the fence  to support your workpiece, set one of the two flip stops for perfectly repeatable cuts at  the desired width, and you’re ready to go.

At SICAR, it’s our goal to offer the widest array of machinery options so our customers can make the best decision possible for their shop needs.  

And we’re proud to offer the fully functional SEGA300 12 inch sliding table sawds to meet the  highest level of performance for all woodworkers without breaking the bank.

Find out more about  the SEGA300 and see our full lineup of sliding table saws today on SICAR.