What Are the Parts of the Wood Planer?

What Are the Parts of Wood Planer

A wood planer, also known as a thickness planer or simply a planer, typically consists of several key parts that work together to flatten and smooth wooden surfaces to a consistent thickness.

Here are the main components of a wood planer:

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1.Feed Roolers:

These are located at the entry and exit points of the planer. They help to feed the wood through the machine at a consistent rate.


The table is the flat surface where you place the wood to be planed. It’s adjustable in height to control the thickness of the wood being planed.

3.Cutter Head:

The cutter head houses the cutting blades (also called planer knives or blades). It rotates at high speed and shaves off wood from the surface of the material to create a smooth finish.

4.Infeed and Outfeed Rollers or Tables:

These provide support for the wood before and after it passes through the cutter head. The infeed table helps guide the wood into the machine, while the outfeed table supports it as it exits.

5.Adjustment Handles or Cranks:

These controls allow you to adjust the depth of cut and the height of the cutter head to determine how much material is removed with each pass.

6.Dust Collection System:

Many planers macine have a built-in dust collection system to remove wood shavings and dust generated during the planing process, helping to keep the work area clean.

7.Safety Features:

These can include a safety guard covering the cutter head to prevent accidental contact, emergency stop buttons, and other safety mechanisms to protect the operator.

8.Power Switch and Controls:

These allow you to turn the machine on/off and adjust the settings for the planing operation.

These components work together to pass wood through the planer, removing material to create a smooth, even surface and achieve the desired thickness. The specific design and features may vary depending on the model and brand of the wood planer.

wood planer thicknesser machine
wood planer thicknesser machine