What Does Combination Woodworking Machine Good At?

What is Combination Woodworking Machine?

Combination woodworking machines are versatile tools that are designed to perform multiple woodworking functions in one unit. These machines are typically good at several tasks, offering a range of capabilities that can vary based on the specific model. 


What is Combination Woodworking Machine Included?

Some common functions and tasks that a combination woodworking machine might excel at include:




They often include features for both table saw functions (rip cuts, crosscuts) and possibly even a sliding table for larger panels.

2.Planer and Thicknesser:

Capable of planing rough lumber to achieve a smooth surface and thicknessing the wood to desired dimensions.

3.Milling and Shaping

Some combination machines have spindle molding capabilities for creating various shapes and profiles on wood pieces.

4.Drilling and Boring

They might have drill press features for creating holes of various sizes.


Some models might incorporate a sanding belt or disc for smoothing wood surfaces.


6.Joinery Tasks

Some combination machines offer features for tasks like mortising or dovetailing.



These machines are beneficial for hobbyists or small woodworking shops with limited space. However, their versatility often comes with some compromises compared to dedicated individual machines. They might not offer the same precision, power, or capacity as standalone machines specifically designed for each task.

When choosing a combination woodworking machine, consider your specific woodworking needs, the space available, and the quality of work you aim to achieve. It’s essential to research and select a model that best fits your requirements and budget while ensuring safety features and reliability.

How about SICAR C400 Combination Woodworking Machine?

SICAR C400 Wood Combination Machine pictures

SICAR C400 Universal Combinated woodworking Machine has been specifically designed be an industrial standard machine, but at a size intended for the factory and small professional workshop. This industrially rated combination machine features a circular saw and sliding table, planer(Jointer), thicknesser(Pialla spessore),mortiser(Cavatrice)and spindle moulder(Toupie) unit. 

The cast iron construction, accurate cross cut fence and superb build quality put this combination machine in a class of its own.

Being a professional standard machine, the C400 of course is fully adjustable and the accuracy is second to none. As far as accuracy goes it will not even be bettered by full sized industrial machines. With three independent class 1 motors providing ample power, changing function can be done with the flick of a switch rather than the going through the laborious task of changing belts


2.SICAR Combination Machine C400 Funtions

The saw utilises a sliding beam which runs along side the blade like a panel saw. By running the beam this close to the blade, 100% accuracy is assured.

The planar thicknessing function, again is of the highest quality, extremely powerful, accurate and the end result is simply sublime. The inward swing of the thicknessing unit keeps this machine compact in every function,whilst the cast iron construction means even heavy pieces can be handled confidently.

Several further options are also available, each machine can therefore be tailored to the users specific needs. These options include heavy duty mortising unit, spindle moulder ring fence, power feeder and tenoning hood.

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